IR Sleepwear LS V Neck Shirt

IR Sleepwear LS V Neck Shirt

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Sleepwear Shirt

Sizes are designed to fit the following measurements.

Measurements in Inches

Front Body 26.75" 27.75" 28.75" 30" 31.25" 32.5" 33.75"
Chest 19.75" 20.75" 21.75" 23" 24.25" 35.5" 26.75"
Sleeve 29.25" 30" 30.75" 31.62" 32.5" 33.375" 34.25"


Measurements in Centimeters

Front Body 67.945 70.485 73.025 76.2 79.375 82.55 85.725
Chest 50.165 52.705 55.245 58.42 61.595 85.09 67.945
Sleeve 74.295 76.2 78.105 80.3148 82.55 84.7725 86.995
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Sleepwear Long Sleeve

Sizes are designed to fit the following measurements.


Part #TR563

DFND Infrared Recovery Sleepwear is embedded with CELLIANT® minerals, which absorb body heat and reflect it back to the wearer as Infrared energy. Infrared energy increases local circulation and improves cellular oxygenation, which promotes restful sleep, increases comfort, and regulates body temperature, which is one of the most common reasons people stay in light sleep. DFND Infrared Recovery Sleepwear will promote the body to rest and therefore increase deep and REM sleep, which are critical components for mind and body recovery.

It is recommended to wear both the Top and Bottom to get the most effectiveness. It is also recommended to use a wearable technology that measures your sleep to see the difference in your REM / Deep sleep.

CELLIANT® is the world leader in infrared responsive textiles and is a key ingredient that powers the revolutionary DFND Infrared Recovery Sleepwear. CELLIANT® is clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels to help your body be at its best.

Made in the USA & Berry Compliant.

Male model is 6'2" 190lbs and is wearing a size large.
Female model is 5'8" 140lbs and is wearing a size small.

DFND Infrared Recovery Sleepwear is powered by CELLIANT®, a blend of natural, thermo-reactive minerals that gives any textile-based product the ability to capture and convert body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy, improving local circulation and cellular oxygenation.

Our scientists select safe, naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals for their unique properties, such as energy absorption and reflection. Backed by science and working rigorously to test and validate the science of infrared technology, Celliant® has had 9 peer reviewed published studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of infrared energy to date. This includes experts in the fields of photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, human physiology, diabetes and wound care.

  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Helps increase comfort
  • Temporarily increases blood flow
  • Temporarily increase local circulation
  • Increase cellular oxygenation
  • Increases tissue oxygen levels
  • Enhances/Increases performance
  • Increases/ more energy
  • Increases/more/better endurance
  • Recycles human energy
  • Increases/ enhances more speed
  • Improves/increases strength
  • Increases more stamina
  • Faster/quicker recovery
  • Supports heat generation
  • Increases/more thermal energy
  • Sleeping / Resting / Recovery
  • V Neck Loose Fitting
  • Unisex fit.
  • Comfortable and soft on the skin
  • Content 50% CELLIANT / 50% Cotton
  • Machine wash in cold water with like colors
  • Tumble dry cool setting or hang dry 
  • Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets
  • Do not iron

All DFND products are Designed, Tested, and Made in the USA. We take pride in supporting American businesses and giving you the best garment possible. We strive to support local businesses that provide safe working conditions, good paying jobs, and a cleaner environment.

By proudly producing our products in the USA, we aim to support the American worker and their futures, helping to promote and sustain American manufacturing jobs for years to come.

CELLIANT®’s proprietary formula is processed and manufactured in the USA.

For all inquiries, please email us at [email protected].


All DFND products are Designed, Tested, and Made in the USA. We take pride in supporting American businesses and giving you the best garment possible.


We offer a free 90 day return policy for orders placed within the US and the only thing we ask is that your products are sent back in their original condition.


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