Our Story

DFND (pronounced “de-fend”) was created to help promote the lethality, readiness and fitness of our US Military. Our Armed Forces have been expeditionary since 9/11 and today continue to deploy overseas on a routine basis to perform operational missions and support. Because of this focus, troops are training at an extreme level daily and are experiencing common injuries that DFND products can help alleviate such as joint sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, back and posture issues, chaffing and extreme soreness. This high operational tempo and increased deployment physical requirements means the troops need a product that will allow them to continue to train hard, recover effectively and continue to press on with their assigned missions. DFND compression is graduated, medical grade, powerful circular knit fabric that has gone through intense testing. DFND is now proud to offer all our benefits to our warrior athletes, as we believe they deserve a product that improves readiness, reactivates the body, and helps recovery faster and enhances overall health. So, go ahead, Train, Recover, Repeat! DFND is your best offense to stay lethal, ready and fit!

Performance Compression

Circular knit fabric for maximum muscle containment
Graduated compression for enhanced blood flow
Anti-Bacterial and SPF 50+ Sun Protection
Made in U.S.A and Berry Compliant

Training Gear

Dryline fabric for light weight protection
Flatlock seams reduce friction contact on skin
Garment construction allows natural range of motion
Made in U.S.A and Berry Compliant

Recovery Compression

360 degree stretch fabrication for optimal recovery
Moisture wicking, lightweight & breathable
Anti-Bacterial and SPF 50+ Sun Protection
Made in U.S.A and Berry Compliant


No Melt, No Drip, No Char Technology
Flame resistant and quick drying for comfort
Tech T4 Coolderm Technology
Made in U.S.A and Berry Compliant