Tx Power Waffle Pant


Part # TR547


The Tx Waffle Pant is powered by Polartec Grid Fabric and is engineered to optimize warmth, breathability and reduce fabric mass.

Features & Benefits

2 side zipper pockets

Zipper bottoms for easy on and off

Bi Component Knit

Versatile Warmth

Highly Breathable

Moisture Wicking


All DFND products are Designed, Tested, and Made in the USA. We take pride in supporting American businesses and giving you the best garment possible. We strive to support local businesses that provide safe working conditions, good paying jobs, and a cleaner environment.

By proudly producing our products in the USA, we aim to support the American worker and their futures, helping to promote and sustain American manufacturing jobs for years to come.
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Size Guide

Use the chart below to reference all sizes available

Tx Power Waffle Pant