DFND Partners with Velocity Racing Development (VRD) & Formula 4 US Champion Hunter Yeany

DFND Partners with Velocity Racing Development (VRD) & Formula 4 US Champion Hunter Yeany

DFND, developers and producers of high performance compression apparel, join into a unique partnership with VRD and United States F4 Champion Hunter Yeany. DFND will support Yeany, and the other VRD drivers with training and recovery compression apparel throughout the 2021 season. Additionally, DFND will support the entire Velocity Racing Development program and staff.



After dominating in 2020, Hunter Yeany was officially crowned the U.S. F4 Championship Powered by Honda season champion, becoming the youngest F4 champion in the world.

“After being introduced to DFND while training at Virginia High Performance I realized how important recovery is and I knew I needed to add DFND into my routine.” Explains Yeany. “I am committed to putting in the hard work both on and off the track. Dan and the team at VRD make sure my car is race ready, and I need to make sure I am physically and mentally ready to perform as well. I know that recovery is a huge part of that, so training and recovering in DFND apparel will continue to help me meet my expectations, and reach my goal of being a F1 champion.”

Yeany started his racing career at VRD as an academy driver at 13 under the tutelage of VRD Team Owner Dan Mitchell. Dan had engineered a lot of great drivers in Europe, and in late 2018 he started VRD to develop drivers in America with the goal of getting VRD drivers to the top levels of open wheel racing. “What I saw in America was that kids weren’t getting into cars early enough compared to the Europeans. They were too old by the time they got to the top of the open wheel racing ladder and lacked the driving skills required to make it. Our goal at VRD is to win, and Hunters performance in 2020 proved our training philosophy works.” With seven drivers competing across the USF4 championship, FR Americas, and Road to Indy USF 2000 and IndyPro 2000 series, the team and its drivers will be busy in 2021.

In addition to driving, Yeany has a brown belt in Muay Thai, and a grey/black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He enjoys music, surfing, and anything outdoors. He remains committed to building his B2B platform to help Veteran Owned businesses and entrepreneurs as they transition from the battlefield to business.

“We are committed to supporting athletes who strive for excellence, and Hunter defines that category. He has the spirit of a champion, and understands what it takes to be on top of his game as a driver and an athlete.” says Steve Burnett, DFND President. “Our goal is to support his comprehensive training and recovery program, allowing him to reach his full potential, smashing records on his way.”

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