DFND and LegendBorne Join Together in Unique Partnership

DFND and LegendBorne Join Together in Unique Partnership

El Segundo, CA. Top Obstacle Course Racing & Rugby sporting apparel company LegendBorne and high performance brand DFND have joined forces for a collaboration that will support OCR athletes on and off the race course. Both brands will serve as advocates for the other, partner to build a hybrid team of ambassadors, drive customer support, and engage in unique content opportunities and cross-promoting retail activities. 

A staple in the OCR community, LegendBorne has created customizable apparel specifically designed for the sport of OCR. Built to withstand crawls, walls, spears, and mud, LegendBorne is committed to delivering the highest quality products and impeccable service to the OCR community and beyond. 

“Obstacle Course Racing stresses the body in extremely unique ways, and we know that compression products have proven benefits for these exact types of activities and have become the secret weapon for OCR athletes everywhere.”  Explains Jeff Herdman, DFND CEO. “At DFND, we support everything LegendBorne stands for as a company, from their top of the line apparel to their dedication to, and support of, US Military Veterans. We are honored to have our name next to theirs.”

DFND Compression products are produced with the highest quality, 360 degree circular knit fabric for maximum muscle containment and support during intense activity.  From reducing muscle fatigue to enhanced power output and improved blood flow, the benefits are many. Additionally, DFND products are manufactured with FUZE antimicrobial technology, supporting quickened evaporation times, cooling properties, UVB protection, and odor control - all extremely beneficial to supporting the needs of the OCR athlete. 

“DFND stands for excellence, and they value everything we look for in our partners.” Says David Bryant, CEO. “Compression apparel has huge benefits to athletes both during activity and for recovery, and we know that LegendBorne athletes will benefit from our partnership and having the support of a high performance brand like DFND.”

Both brands show their shared commitment to domestic growth and job production, with DFND developing and manufacturing their products in the United States, and the Veteran owned LegendBorne engineering products domestically. Look for these two brands to come together on and off the course throughout 2021. For more information on DFND visit DFNDusa.com. For more information on LegendBorne visit LegendBorne.com


Started in 2015, DFND (pronounced “de-fend”) is the brainchild of two industry veterans whose aim was to bring quality performance apparel to the people who needed it most; our US Military and First Responders. Proudly specializing in developing products that maximize human performance, DFND currently offers a Graduated Compression for Injury Prevention, Training, and Recovery, a complete line of Training Gear and a specialized Fire Resistant (FR) line. Every item that DFND offers is entirely Made in the USA and 100% Berry Compliant, and is uniquely crafted to support the needs of athletes training at any level. 
Since it’s initial launch, DFND has been adopted by the NBA, NFL, and over 100 D1 collegiate teams. In addition, First Responders, individual Olympic athletes, as well as NHL, NFL, MMA, and other elite athletes around the world chose to train and recover in DFND products every day. After five years focusing on specialty markets, we are proud to open our catalogue to the public and offer the complete DFND line to all athletes. We believe that everyone deserves access to apparel that supports training, improves readiness, reactivates the body, encourages faster recovery and, most importantly, enhances overall health.  
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